Coudersport Area High School        

Graduation and Class Placement Requirements


In order to receive a Coudersport High School diploma, a student must meet the minimum requirements as established by the State of Pennsylvania and the Coudersport School Board.  The Board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned thirty (30) credits beginning with the Class of 2003 and thirty-two (32) credits thereafter.  Failed courses may need to be repeated.

General Requirements:


Social Studies




Physical Education

Arts and Humanities



2003                                  2004

4 credits                            4 credits

4 credits                            4 credits

4 credits                            4 credits

4 credits                            4 credits

.5 credit                             1 credit

2 credits                             2 credits



2 credits                             2 credits



9.5 credits                         11 credits

30 credits                           32 credits


Graduation Projects

All students will be required to complete a graduation project of their choice.  The graduation project guidelines were developed through a process that involved the high school administration and teachers.  Students may select from two areas of interest, careers and community service, to fulfill their graduation requirement.  Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor will meet with the student periodically to discuss and/or advise him/her on their project.


Vocational Technical School Requirements:

English 9, 10, 11, 12                                             4 credits

Social Studies/Government                                   3 credits

Science                                                                2 credits

Math                                                                    2 credits

Health                                                                  .5 credit

Physical Education                                                2 credits

VoTech Program                                                  9 credits 

Electives                                                               5.5 credits

Total                                                                    28 credits/Class of 2003

Graduation Credit Requirements:

                                                  Gen. Requirements                           Vo-Tech Requirements

Class of 2003                                        30                                                         28

Class of 2004                                        32                                                         30

Class Placement for students is as follows:

Class of 2003           Minimum of 23 credits

Class of 2004           Minimum of 16 credits

Class of  2005          Minimum of 7 credits

Class of 2006           Passed Grade 8

It is very important that the student and parents look closely and investigate thoroughly the needs of the student and their anticipated goals in reaching their career choice.


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