2003-2004 Sports Schedule

Coudersport Athletic Director - John Merrick


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        Football         Volleyball         Golf           

    Soccer         Cross Country

Boys Basketball     Girls Basketball      Wrestling

Junior High Basketball     

Track        Softball       Baseball


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Football - League: Allegheny Mountain

   Varsity -

        Head Coach - Paul Simcoe

       Assistants - Tom Russell, Dan Kightlinger, & Trevor Saulter


   Junior Varsity


     Junior High

      Head Coach - Earl Brown

      Assistants - Dana Daisley, John Hetrick, & Gene Neefe


Volleyball - League: North Tier

      Varsity Head Coach - Sharon Daniels        Varsity Assistant - Jennifer Allen

           *Junior High Head Coach - Anna Hatch    JH Assistant -


Golf - League: Penn York

   Boys Golf

        Head Coach - Jim Wilkinson  


   Girls Golf

        Head Coach - Gary Francis




      Head Coach - 

      Assistant - Scott Andrews


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Cross Country - All meets begin at 4:00pm


Boys Basketball - League: North Tier    

 *JV 6pm - Varsity 7:30 pm

        Head Coach - Chris Fink

       Assistant -

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Girls Basketball - League: North Tier        

*JV 6pm - Varsity 7:30pm

        Head Coach - Matt Splain

        Assistant - Cheryl Morey


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Wrestling - League: Allegheny Mountain       

 *Includes Junior High

        Head Coach - Clay Gooch

        Assistant - 

        Junior High Coach - 


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Junior High Basketball - League: North Tier

        Junior High Boys Coach - Doug Hensel

         Junior High Girls Coach - Jason Streich

                *First Half Girls/Boys     ^Second Half Boys/Girls     Games begin at 4:00pm 


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Track - League: North Tier- Meets begin at 4:00pm unless otherwise noted.

    Head Coach - Earl Brown

    Assistants - Joe Gagat & Carl Klingaman


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Softball - All games begin at 4:30pm unless noted differently.

    Head Coach - Scott Andrews                      Assistant - Cheryl Morey

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Baseball - All games begin at 4:30pm.

   Head Coach - John Hetrick                Assistant - Chris Fink


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