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 Second Grade




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Grade 4 Happenings



All fourth grade students and multi-age 3/4 students are participating in guidance lessons with Mrs. Eagen.  These lessons are devoted to study skills.  The goals of the lessons are:

  • To understand the importance of good study skills.

  • To understand the importance of goal setting.

  • To learn new study skill strategies.















Multi-Age 3-4 Class








Fifth Grade News from Miss "C"


Read Across America Day with Dr. Seuss was a huge success in Miss Castano's Reading class.  A special thanks to the parents who came in to read: Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Russell, Mr. McCusker, and Mrs. Giannotti.  The afternoon was topped off with Miss "C.'s" famous green eggs with ham, green biscuits, and green milk.  Reading students presented their own written and illustrated Dr. Seuss-type books.  They all became Dr.'s for the day!  A big "THANKS" from Miss Castano.



Miss Castano's homeroom is about to hatch dinosaurs!!  They have started their geology unit and are really "digging" it!  Stay tuned for their discoveries.




Dinosaur Update!!

Eureka!!  WE HAVE DINOSAURS!!  Students in Miss "C.'s" class have dug up some interesting fossils from their hoodoos.  Bones range from the tiniest corals to very large teeth.  Shhhhhhhh!!!  Rumor has it the one tooth belonged to a Great White Shark from the Cenozoic (most recent) Era.  The young paleontologists are busily identifying their finds.  Great work, kids!  as they begin their study of the Mesozoic (middle) Era, they will prepare to become the proud parents of baby dinosaurs, which they will hatch at the end of their study.  Their final project involves a presentation of their favorite dinosaur and a written document of how they think the dinosaurs became extinct.  Miss Castano doesn't think the dinosaurs are extinct....she thinks they're just hiding!  The students' documents will then be sent to Penn State University to be read by Professor Peter Wilf, an associate professor of geosciences.  How exciting to have the students' published works read by him.


WEBMASTER NOTE:  Those lucky enough to "live" under Miss "C.'s" classroom thought the sky was falling!!  We heard LOUD...CONSTANT banging....called the janitor to help identify the mysterious sound.  The janitor thought that the heating system was going bonkers!!  We began to investigate! 

It wasn't a bird, or a plane, or even Superman....just those 5th grade paleontologists searching for bones!!!!







6th Grade



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