Keeney dollars are a life-like model of the every day world of work.  You earn them for doing your job in class.  You earn more for doing more…extra credit, etc.  And you can save them until you feel that you need them for something valuable.


You will begin as an entry level worker.  Your pay is $5 per full class period ($50 every 10 school days). 


Every two weeks your performance will be reviewed by Mr. Keeney.  You will either be “promoted” or not.  To be promoted you must do the following:

  1. Respect your surroundings, especially by applying proper safety procedures in doing science.
  2. Respect all fellow classmates at all times.
  3. Submit all assignments completed and on time.
  4. Pass all quizzes and tests.
  5. Be in class more than 90% of the possible class minutes.
  6. Begin all warm ups within 30 seconds of entering the room. (this may not always apply)
  7. Have no unexcused latenesses or absences.


If you are promoted, you reach the level of advanced worker, earning $10 per full class period.  Future promotions are possible (all $ amounts are per full class):

Manager                         $50

Upper Lev. Mgr.       $100

Executive                       $500

Vice President           $1000

Executive VP              $5000


The Executive VPs with the 2 highest grades will become the President and CEO of the class.  Presidents make $10,000 per full class period and CEOs make the same but earn an additional $1000 per full class for every period they are CEO.  They may submit any suggestions for improvement of the class to Mr. Keeney (in writing) for action within 24 hours.


A list of extra credit assignments and other opportunities to earn Keeney Dollars will be posted soon (if not by Friday 9/3, please remind me). 

What can you do with Keeney Dollars?


Some classroom events (like using a pass, or pencil) will cost a certain number of K$ and be deducted from your account.  Passes for example will cost you $25 per use.  Extra copies will cost $25 per page.  But the real payoffs come later…


During the first quarter of the year, you may buy out of a homework or even buy a 100% on it!  This is also true of quizzes and tests!



K$ to buy out

K$ to buy 100%

On a homework



On a quiz



On a test



Prices subject to change at the end of each quarter based on number of K$ out.


Other possibilities for spending K$ (like buying out of labs) and earning K$(like playing Survivor and Jeopardy) will crop up from time to time.


A final note:  This is meant to keep things fun and keep you focused on what you need to do to learn.  If you only end up with a few K$, it is OK.  But some may earn enough from their hard work that they may end up buying out of a test every semester!  Have fun with this and it will make the year go quickly!


Mr. Keeney

Board of Directors