Curriculum Corner

Weeks of April 25 & May 2, 2005

Carla Brown

All Spanish Classes:

Spanish I (1st & 7th Periods)

Monday, April 25th: Chapter 4A test

Thursday & Friday: April 28th & 29th: Watch movie Hercules in Spanish.

April 26, 27, May 2, 3 & 4: Work through Chapter 4B: ¿Quieres Ir Conmigo?

Students will be given a chapter packet & they should work through the pages in conjunction with the book. The exact pages covered will depend on how quickly the class picks up the concepts.

  1. Introduction of new vocabulary

    1. Names of sports

    2. How to talk about activities

    3. How to describe how you feel

    4. How to accept of decline an invitation

  2. Review of verb estar

  3. Review ir + infinitive

  4. Learn o – ue stem changing verbs

  5. Learn “with me” & “with you” in Spanish

Wednesday: 4B cultural activity (in packet)

Thursday, May 5th: Review for test (Exercises 4B-8 & 3B-9 in packet)

Friday, May 6th: Chapter 4B test


Spanish II: (3rd & 8th Periods)

Wrap up the preterite tense during the week of April 24th.

1. Students have been given a packet that covers Chapters 8A & 8B, and they should complete all exercises relating to the preterite.

2. In addition, we will review the present tense of –go verbs: decir, tener, salir, hacer & poner.

3. We will study the use of decir + que

Friday, April 28th: Comprehensive test on the use present, present progressive and past tenses.

Week of May 2nd:

Complete all Chapter 8A exercises in the packet.

  1. Study the “personal a”

  2. Writing game: Actividad 17 on page 386 of the textbook

  3. We will describe a vacation (this activity incorporates the preterite and chapter vocabulary)

Wednesday, May 2nd: 8A Cultural Activity (in packet)

Thursday, May 5th: Review for Chapter test (pp. 15 & 16 in packet)

Friday, May 6th: Chapter 8A Test.

Spanish III (Period 6)

Week of April 24th:

  1. Finish watching a movie.

  2. Complete the preterite tense and begin the imperfect tense.

Students have been given a packet and all exercises should be completed in this packet by the end of the week.

Week of May 2:

1. Monday: Comprehensive verb test: Present, Present Imperfect, Preterite & Imperfect.

2. Tuesday & Wednesday, May 3rd & 4th: Students will work on an activity entitled “Setting the Scene.”

3. During the remainder of the week, we will work through activities in Chapters 3 of Realidades II. Students will have a packet to work on.

Spanish IV (Period 2)

During the week of April 24th:

  1. Finish watching a movie.

  2. Continue working on the Subjunctive tense.

During the week of May 2nd:

Monday, May 2nd: Quiz on the subjunctive tense.

For the remainder of the week, I will hand out a packet of short stories that we will read. I expect this will take longer than 1 week.