6th period Anatomy and Physiology      Week of: 4/25/05



            The Information Covered This Week is/was:


1)      Finish peer teaching projects

2)      Handout out study guide for this chapter, review for up coming test.

3)      Test ch 7 WED

4)      Even though you are teaching each other, you still need to make sure you have read the chapter.

5)      You are responsible for reviewing your notes/text for 15-20 each night to keep the information fresh in your mind.

6)      You the student need to see me for any missing sheets.  If absent you need to get the information off this site and make sure you are prepared for the next day’s class.

7)      The rate at which we cover this information may/will vary for a multitude of reasons, so if you are out for an extended period of time you will need to make sure you have it all completed, but do not be surprised if you are ahead or behind the rest of the class when you return.

8)      Begin chapter 8




1)      Prepare to teach!!!!!

2)      You will have an assignment each night from you r peers; this assignment will be graded and added to you 9 weeks grade.

3)      15 day reports still due

4)      Test ch 7



See You Next Time,


Mr. Andrews